Aura Photography

“AURA” is the Sanskrit Word for ‘Electromagnetic Energy Field’around the human body.Develop Your Positive Aura to attain your desired success and spiritual development


  • Make your Aura more Positive, Attractive & Peaceful.
  • Balance your mind, Body & Soul.
  • Know the level of your 7-chakras & make them powerful.
  • Increase your life Force Energy & Healing Power.
  • Balance 5- Elements of nature in your Body.
  • Know the perfect color for your positive mood.
  • Boost your Spiritual power for health, Wealth & Happiness.
  • Improve your inner & Outer personality.


  • The 7 Main color of your body indicates
  • your moods and feelings
  • Expand your inner energy and make your Life easy
  • Guideline for personal and professional growth
  • A strength force to overcome your weaknesses
  • A path to discover your positive and negative thoughts.


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